AGRA agreed with its PIATA (Partnership for an Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa) partners to undertake a mid-term evaluation to assess what is, and is not, working well with the implementation of the 2017-2021 strategic plan, and call attention to progress made towards outcomes, gaps, and unintended consequences of these changes. The review was intended to serve primarily as a management and strategic tool and provide recommendations that AGRA—and its partners—can use to proactively improve effectiveness and better achieve its goals and objectives.

The Mid-term Evaluation was conducted independently by ITAD, overseen by PIATA partners. It had a duration of a year, beginning in September 2019. AGRA received the report in February, for review by its board in April, and discussions with its PIATA partners. Based on these discussions, AGRA identified several actions to be implemented to improve in areas where there were gaps. AGRA is now, in line with its commitment to transparency and to help other partners learn from AGRA’s challenges and successes, releasing this mid-term evaluation.

AGRA would like to thank ITAD, PIATA partners, its Board, its national and local partners in supporting this evaluation, and remains committed to the strengthening of the programme and delivery of its strategy.

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