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Access to market opportunities that justify investments in production

Why markets?


Increased production of staple crops like maize, rice, beans, and cassava will not be sustained unless farmers have access to markets where they can earn income from their efforts and then push ahead with greater investments in more productive inputs and practices.

Production increases in the absence of market opportunities are a dead-end: without a way to earn income from their hard work, farmers have neither the means nor the incentive to grow more food.

What we’re doing

AGRA has developed partnerships across the region to develop market opportunities that will allow hard working farming families to lift themselves out of poverty by embracing farming as a business.

  • We support farmers associations, financial institutions and small- and medium-sized African-owned agribusinesses so that farmers can sell produce at a premium price.
  • We help farmers meet buyer demands for large quantities of high-quality commodities by establishing community-based commodity aggregation centers.
  • We support innovative approaches to connecting smallholder farmers to markets—whether through a new app or an SMS service—and helps take them to scale.