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Support for small- and medium-sized African business that serve the agriculture sector

Why inputs?


In sub-Saharan Africa, lack of quality inputs is a key reason yields on many farms in the region—the amounts of maize, banana, and other crops harvested per hectare or acre—are far below yields achieved in other developing countries.

When African farmers have access to the same basic agriculture inputs farmers around the world take for granted, their harvests quickly double or triple.

What we’re doing

Since its inception, AGRA has focused on improving access to inputs, chiefly high quality seeds and properly formulated fertilizers—mineral and organic—that are the foundation of a successful farm.

  • We boost seed production by investing in local African seed companies.
  • We invest in crop breeding programs to increase the number of crop varieties available to farmers that are adapted to local condition.
  • We stimulate investments in fertilizer production and distribution.
  • We train farmers and farmer organizations on effective soil conservation and fertilizer application—both mineral and organic.