01. EN_AFSH _draft Programme clean as of 15 April 2024

The Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 7th to the 9th of May, 2024.

AGRA has been involved in the preparation since 2022 with the technical documents development and finalization through the technical working group. The three main documents have been developed, two finalised, and one is a draft version. These are:

  1. A 10-year Action Plan. The Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan is a solution-based roadmap to 2039 to build a more dynamic fertilizer market that considers primary soil health constraints on the continent.
  2. Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA), a long-term Framework, with the mission and purpose of an effective facilitation of sustainable soilmanagement across all agricultural sub-sectors in Africa through strong partnerships with all stakeholders and investments at the continental, regional, national, and local levels.
  3. The Nairobi declaration building on the Soil Health Action Plan and the Soil Initiative for Africa Framework as key guiding documents, highlights commitments on fertilizers and Soil health as well as on Financing, Creating an Enabling Environment and Capacity Enhancement to Support Implementation and the Call for Action.


01. EN_AFSH _draft Programme clean as of 15 April 2024