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Country Support and Delivery

Our Vision

To catalyze and sustain inclusive agriculture transformation in Africa by increasing incomes and improving food security for 30 million smallholder households in Africa and to support countries on a pathway to attain and sustain an agriculture transformation.

AGRA will focus this work on 11 countries across Africa that show significant promise for agricultural transformation

As agricultural development is significantly influenced by national policies, investments and institutions, AGRA will align with country priorities and work closely with national governments, development partners, and other key agriculture sector players in each country context. The 11 initial selected countries are located in three high-potential, under-exploited agro-ecologies - the Guinea Savannah Zone (West Africa), the East African Highlands, and the Miombo Woodlands (Southern Africa), where AGRA and partners have developed agricultural technologies and understand the landscape enough to drive strong partnerships.


AGRA selected these countries based on:

  • AGRA’s existing assets and value proposition (including existing network of local partners-grantees)
  • Government commitment to Agriculture
  • Potential for impact (including opportunities for private sector engagement)

This body of work recognizes the centrality of government in driving transformation and will aim at strengthening country planning, coordination and implementation while supporting development of an effective private sector enabling and regulatory environment. AGRA will support:

AGRA selected these countries based on:

  • National governments to strengthen Agriculture sector planning, coordination and implementation
  • Development of effective accountability systems
  • Country resource mobilization towards national strategies
  • Strengthen the enactment of enabling policy environment to grow the role of private sector in African Agriculture