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Agriculture Enterprises

Support for small- and medium-sized African business that serve the agriculture sector

Why agriculture enterprises?


Stronger connections to local farm supply stores, financial institutions, information services, processors, distributors and other agriculture enterprises large and small can build advanced agriculture markets and generate a wide range of economic opportunities.

By 2030, the market for food on the African continent will be $1 trillion. And if I was starting in business today, I wouldn’t do telephones; I would go into agriculture.

Strive Masiyiwa, AGRA Board Chair and CEO of Econet Wireless

What we’re doing

AGRA is committed to keeping small, family-owned farms as the major food producers of Africa, but doing so will require surrounding them with a wide range of agriculture enterprises that provide support to improve production and access to markets to earn income from their surplus.

  • We support business development services for small- and medium-size African-owned agribusinesses.
  • We help local agribusiness attract investments to make capital improvements—such as purchasing new milling machinery and expanding warehouse space.
  • We link traders to farmers and farm organizations to create business opportunities for smallholder growers.
  • We partner with African Enterprise Challenge Fund and Grow Africa to make agriculture markets accessible for smallholder farmers.