The ‘AGRA Emerging Results 2017-2020’ report is presented to give an early view of what we consider to be the results, based on the best data we have available, of what we have achieved with our partners after four years of our five year strategy (2017-2021).  This report examines how our work has helped and impacted farmers, as well as the change we are seeing at farming system and national level.  We will continue to collect data and report on our work as we round out our five year strategy this year, not least so we can understand better the disruptions brought by COVID-19.  We must stress that at least three years of data are needed to draw initial conclusions, and preferably more is needed.  Nevertheless, as a transparent and learning organization, AGRA will publish the analysis that it has around what it feels has worked in the last few years.  We will also look more closely at what hasn’t worked, so that we and are partners can learn and adjust accordingly.

Inclusive Agriculture Transformation is a goal that Africans want and need, whether to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, or to meet the needs and aspirations of millions of African farmers and entrepreneurs.  AGRA exists as an African institution to meet the needs of Africans, solving African problems with African solutions.  We look for your candid feedback at, and thank you for your partnership.