Addendum: Deadline Extension & Answers to queries raised for RFP No.:00227/IF/2019 – From uptake to usage: Incentivizing farmers to use the solutions designed for them

All interested consultancy companies are hereby notified of the extension of submission deadline to close of business 30th July 2019. All bids should be sent to the following email address:  


Question 1: Is there a start date for the project, or we are free to determine when we propose to start?

Response: Since submission is on 26th July, anticipated start of assignment is by mid-September

Question 2: Just to be extra clear – Is March 31 the absolute deadline for completing all tasks related to this project? If we start a bit later in the year, is there any flexibility to extend the timelines?

Response: Since anticipated start date is mid – September, end date will most likely be April

Question 3: Are we required to work with partners across Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana, or we can focus on one country?

Response: As per the RFP, assignment will be carried out in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana

Question 4: Is there a minimum number of partners we need to work with?

Response: We target 5. This is specified under the ToR, check scope of work

Question 5: The scope of work section B states that part of the work is to support ‘up to 5 to-be-selected AGRA partners’- are we free to select these partners from your pre-approved list, or you will select 5 partners that we have to work with?

Response: The selection will be done jointly between AGRA, partners and the consultant

Question 6: The assessment stage has been allocated 20 days LOE (for 15 partners) and the implementation 120 days (for 5 partners).  As such, can it be assumed that the 5 partners have already been identified / shortlisted?

Response: No

Question 7: If yes above, for budget purposes, can you give an indication what the country split will be?

Response: It will be in all 3 countries

Question 8: For logistical purposes, can the assessment of the 15 partners be assumed that they all have offices in the respective capital cities, and if not (nor nearby) then any interviews can be done by phone?

Response: By phone would be more economical, the assessment is mainly a desk top assessment using the reports

Note: Consultants can include a budget for travelling etc.