Tuned To Transform

Tuned to Transform

In the past year, we have been on a journey to steer AGRA towards being a preferred partner for agricultural transformation in Africa. We have developed a new strategy and 11 country business plans in line with this ambition. We are now executing a new business model and processes to achieve our ambition over the next five years. This reorganization has been themed ‘Tuned to Transform’ and provides for new integrated and automated operational plans and revamped organizational capabilities, AGRA corporate culture and change management for success. Firstly, we will continue to be focused on catalyzing the agricultural transformation of Africa. That is our lifeblood; it is the reason we exist. Secondly, we aim to be the partner of choice, the go-to-partner for our technical and innovative approaches to transformation by governments, private sector and influencers on the continent and beyond. This means that we are living the “alliance” component of the Alliance for the Green Revolution of Africa. We are building strong and reliable partnerships with a diverse constituency of donors, governments, regional & continental institutions and grantees.

Emime Ndihokubwayo

Program Officer, Policy & Advocacy

I am privileged to work for AGRA and contribute to the achievement of Africa’s agricultural transformation - raising incomes and driving food security for many people on the continent To do this we must redouble our efforts with our partners to catalyzing resources and capabilities for transformation to happen. I am not a farmer but I grew up in farming family and all my education came from my parents resources in addition to Government support. I grew up farming as well but that was the last part I enjoyed in my life as it was tough except in some instances. I never thought I would be doing agriculture in my life. But with many years in human right field and policy advocacy, I promised myself to fight for socio-economic human rights. The right to food and development for many vulnerable groups in Africa, women, children, youth, etc. must be realized and someone has to contribute to that. I am that person who feels the responsibility to work with others to advocate for food security rights.

I am Tuned to Transform

Fadel Ndiame

Head, West Africa Region

I am participating in a once-in-alife- time agricultural transformation agenda being pursued in Africa. I am proud to be identified with AGRA because of its vision - that Africa can feed itself and the world and transform agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive to a business that thrives. Being an African farmer’s son who grew up to become an agricultural development professional. It is good news for me that AGRA is charting the path to increase prosperity in Africa, by helping to grow more inclusive economies and creating viable jobs for women and youth through agriculture. As an African institution, AGRA is able to support African governments to prioritize agriculture in their investment plans, set favorable policies to attract private sector investments, and promote win-win partnerships with other key stakeholders and smallholder farmers. A key dimension of AGRA’s role is to enable these partnerships by providing customized support to the different partners along the agriculture value chain. 

I am Tuned to Transform

Johnson Bor (JB)

Communications Assistant

It is a great opportunity to work with AGRA at this time. I have had the privilege to be part of AGRA as it developed over the years - from its inception as an agriculture program to a fully developed full fledged independent organization. The enthusiasm from different players is a joy. It is the hope in the faces of different actors, each playing their part to ensure the small holder farmer has enough to feed the family and take the rest to the market for a just price. Agriculture transformation, has played a part in what I did as a farmer in Nairegia- Enkare, Narok in Kenya. I was farming on about 300 acres of leased land. I did manage farm machinery and implements (Tractors, Plough, Harrows, Planters, Sprayers, Combine Harvester). The repackaging of seeds/fertilizer, in small, two kgs packets, that suits small kitchen gardens has assisted smallholder farmers change and adapt. AGRA is an important organization; it has the reach to lift small holder farmers. It addresses the concerns of farmers at source. AGRA has changed how farmers get crucial information from farm to market.

I am Tuned to Transform

Mumbi Maina

Head, West Africa Region

It is such an exciting time to work at AGRA, as we take on an ambitious yet achievable strategy – Transforming agriculture in Africa – being part of the change that is going to re-define agriculture into a vehicle for micro-economic and macro-economic growth across the continent. We have to changing the agriculture narrative, if we want to change the sector’s prioritization. Agricultural transformation means a shift from subsistence production towards focused economic production. To get to this tipping point, Africa needs a systemic change through the concerted effort of the various players. This includes; government working to providing an enabling environment for private sector; service providers delivering an integrated package of solutions to the farmer and development partners working together to strengthen agricultural systems. Africa also needs a paradigm shift towards embracing innovative techniques such as mechanization, the use of ICT enabled technologies and finally promoting farming as a business.

I am Tuned to Transform

Nyasha Mhosva,

Program Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation

Working for AGRA means I have an opportunity to work with colleagues with vast experience and expertise in agriculture and development, this is also an opportunity for me to contribute to the Agriculture landscape through the work that I do in monitoring, learning and evaluation. In my view agriculture transformation means that there will be increased incomes from agriculture and greater availability food across Africa leading to reduction in number of months with inadequate food provisions. I come from a farming community and my country was once the breadbasket of Africa and growing up at that time gave me lasting impression on how Agriculture can transform lives. I believe in AGRA’s agenda that seeks to trigger an agriculture transformation in Africa that transforms smallholder agriculture to be productive, efficient, and sustainable. AGRA is important because it’s work is centered around working in partnership with others in the agriculture space,

Annie Wakanyi

Resource Mobilization Officer

To work for AGRA at this time means you have to be the best that you can be. We have committed to increase the incomes and food security of at least 30 million farmers, to do this we all have to be at our absolute best, individually and collectively as staff and with our partners. It’s a great and exciting challenge to work for AGRA at this time; it’s the kind of challenge that keeps you awake at night but that is worth it in every way. Four out of six members of my nuclear family have earned their living from agriculture and I therefore know first-hand that farming is an important source of employment – it has fed, clothed, educated and nourished me and my loved ones in so many other ways. To me, agriculture transformation signifies hope. Agriculture offers the greatest opportunity for Africa to sustainably feed itself, to reduce inequalities and to spur economic growth. My late father loved farming, if he were still alive I would have so many great tips that I gain from working in AGRA. I believe that my being in AGRA is not a coincidence; I am blessed to make a contribution to this transformation.

I am Tuned to Transform

Kehinde Makinde,

Country Lead, Nigeria

Africa’s agriculture is making exciting turn around at this moment and it is quite exciting to be a part of an organization contributing to the transformation occurring in the continent. Over the past decade of AGRA’s engagement, there has been steady and noticeable progress in Africa’s ag transformation and food security. There is a clear evidence of increased productivity, improved nutrition, increased private sector investments alongside increased awareness of the value of agriculture to broader economic growth by national governments. It is both exciting and humbling to see that sustained efforts on development of Africa’s agriculture is translating to greater confidence by stakeholders in the future of agriculture in Africa. Working across West African countries since AGRA’s inception gives me a positive feeling that AGRA is going in the right direction. I feel the work I do provide more options to farmers and make a difference to their well-being.

I am Tuned to Transform