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    20 April 2017

    Africa has come a long way since 2003 when the continent’s leaders birthed the Comprehensive…

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    03 February 2017

    Many African governments have put agriculture back to the top of the development agenda, and…

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    04 November 2016

    This is a special bumper edition capturing the moments, the thrills and the highlights of the 2016 AGRF. I invite you to take note of this pulpable moment. Africa must resolve to bring to bear the immense goodwill shown at the 2016 AGRF to irrevocably move the needle and attain this long awaited dream

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    04 September 2016

    The stories in this edition provide a glimpse of Africa’s agricultural sector – where it stands, how it got there and what should be changed in order to move forward, knowing that potential alone is not enough to feed a growing population. The Green Revolution seems to have passed Africa by once before, but by focusing investment and using available knowledge, the continent can initiate and sustain its own transformation.