Annual Reports

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    15 June 2017

    AGRA’s work to date has been an intensive focus on discrete problems related to seed production, soil health, and agriculture markets, profound but neglected for a long time in Africa. We have recognized that our environment has changed since we were founded. Multinational companies are fast entering African markets, more vibrant local companies are emerging, governments are investing more in agriculture, and many donors have shifted from targeting isolated parts of value chains, to considering the eco-systems as a whole.

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    01 June 2016

    AGRA has been at the center of many of the improvements taking place in African agriculture. It has developed important competencies, technologies, and partnerships, and all of these together have positioned the institution to catalyze and sustainan inclusive agricultural transformation that will uplift farm livelihoods and secure adequate, nutritious food for the continent's population. In 2015, AGRA developed a new strategy to 2020, geared at delivering greater resilience and sustainable productivity gains and inclusive growth in the agricultural sector. We now seek to double the incomes of at least 30 million smallholder farm households and contribute to inclusive economic growth through productivity gains across 11 focus countries.

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    04 April 2015

    The African Union (AU) dedicated 2014 as the ‘Year of African Agriculture’, where governments re-committed to the Maputo Declaration goals, from a decade earlier, to further stimulate agricultural growth to achieve shared prosperity on the continent. We are already witnessing significant progress in agricultural development. Africa’s agriculture sector has grown faster than any region of the world in the last decade. The major driver of this growth is smallholder farmer productivity; thriving farms across Africa are a testament to these achievements.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2013
    29 March 2014

    AGRA was initially conceived as an agent of change. More precisely, a catalyst of change at all levels – from the fields of smallholder farmers to the halls of government – in order to create an African green revolution that puts smallholder farmers at the center of all agricultural value chains. This is a huge undertaking, one that goes beyond the capacity of any single organization.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2012
    29 March 2013

    African agriculture remains at the top of the world’s development agenda. We are seeing a rapidly rising level of interest and action by African lawmakers to strengthen agricultural policy, to the benefit of small and large-scale farmers alike.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2011
    03 March 2012

    AGRA embraces the idea that the “pathway to prosperity” for Africa begins with investments in agriculture, and in particular by improving the productivity with which millions of smallholder farmers produce staple food crops.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2010
    03 March 2011

    United in the belief that there has been enough talk, many governments, development organizations, and private sector partners took concrete steps in 2010 to end poverty and provide food security across the continent.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2009
    03 March 2010

    AGRA's approach is integrated, and becoming ever more focused. We are engaging with a rapidly growing number of partners and stakeholders at the global level, and working locally to transform national agricultural systems into the highly efficient and productive mechanisms they can become for driving economic growth, providing food security, and protecting the environment.

  • AGRA Annual Report 2008
    01 March 2009

    The food crisis that had been building for several years became fully manifest in 2008, and its impact was severely aggravated by an unprecedented and largely unforeseen global economic recession. These painful realities strongly reinforce both our belief in AGRA’s mission, and our sense of urgency about achieving it.