AGRA's Impact

  • 2015 Progress Report
    04 November 2015

    Over the past 9 years, AGRA and its partners have worked across 18 sub-Saharan countries to deliver a set of solutions that have reached 18.2 million farm families and thousands of local, African agri-businesses.

  • agra-progress-report-20072014
    04 November 2014

    AGRA was established to catalyze the transformation of smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, sustainable and competitive system, while also protecting the natural resource base on which agriculture depends. We have expanded the scope of our operations since 2007, the year AGRA was founded, but our fundamental approach remains unchanged. We work closely with hundreds of grantees and dozens of partners to develop practical ways to improve the productivity, production and livelihoods of the millions of smallholder farmers that constitute the core of Africa’s agricultural sector.

  • transformed-livelihoods-impact-stories
    04 April 2013

    AGRA is committed to working with all relevant stakeholders to address some of the obstacles that hinder achievement of an inclusive and sustainable agricultural transformation in Africa, with smallholder farmers at the center of all the initiatives. AGRA’s investments span the entire agricultural value chain, from developing and deploying productivity enhancing seeds and soil technologies to advocating for policies to improve the agriculture landscape for smallholder farmers. This publication is a collection of stories from the field highlighting impact that AGRA’s investments have made in improving food self-sufficiency, creating local agri-millionaires, providing effective postharvest management options, changing retrogressive land ownership policies, creating new and profitable produce markets and engaging previously excluded women into productive value chains.