Farmer Stories

Transformed Livelihoods

The transition from subsistence to income-earning agriculture on smallholder farms requires an initial investment to develop and deliver an integrated package of interventions. But as these success stories show, once production improvements and market opportunities are established, the process becomes self-sustaining.

AGRA’S Impact in Kenya

Neil Palmer/CIAT
Neil Palmer/CIAT

Helping Smallholder Farmers Reach Big Markets

The Muthomis—two enterprising famers in rural Kenya started a produce business that now employs 160 people and purchases produce from over 4,000 smallholder farmers.

AGRA’S Impact in Mozambique


Brewing Up Cassava as a Cash-Crop in Mozambique

“I have farmed in the same place for many years and have never received this much money,” said Manuel, a smallholder farmer in northern Mozambique, after earning $1,000 for selling 20 tons of cassava to a major beer brewer.

AGRA’S Impact in Malawi


Soybean Counters: Malawi Farmers Surge from Subsistence to Profits

The Bowe Farmer Association of Malawi more than doubled yields and rose its profits to US $100,000 a year. The group reinvested the earnings in a milling plant for soybean oil to add even more value to their harvest and keep the revenue flowing off-season.